3 Best Triathlon Wetsuit for Diving: Vans Wetsuit, Dakine Wetsuit, and Sailfish Wetsuit

Triathlon Wetsuit

For divers, triathlon wetsuits are an essential piece of equipment. The main benefit is that they make swimming easier and quicker. Other benefits include improved buoyancy, less drag, insulation against the cold, and protection from the sun. But with so many brands and types available, it might be difficult to choose the best wetsuit for … Read more

Dive into Comfort: 10 Ways On How to Choose the best and Perfect Wetsuit for scuba diving


Selecting the ideal wetsuit is crucial for a comfortable and pleasurable underwater experience, regardless of diving experience level. In addition to keeping you comfortable in chilly water, a wetsuit shields you from the sun, jellyfish, and other dangers. However, it might be hard to choose the proper one because there are so many various types, … Read more

The Top 10 Best Men’s Snorkel Winter Coats and Jackets 2023, Tested and trusted

Winter Snorkel Jackets

This content includes affiliate links; should you click on them, we could get some commission. See our selection of the best winter coats for men, whether you want fashionable outerwear or waterproof puffers. There are many of winter clothing options for enduring the weather, from parkas and puffers to wool jackets and peacoats. Prioritizing warmth … Read more

Best Dive Location In Palawan for this winter (Palawan Philippines Dive Spots 2023)


Thousands of visitors swarm the breathtaking archipelago of Palawan throughout the year. Situated in the western Philippines, this well-liked Southeast Asian location is made up of more than 1,700 islands, most of which are encircled by pristine seas and endowed with extraordinarily diverse marine life. Palawan has been able to preserve its perfect state above … Read more

Best Winter Ski Gifts For Skiers And Snowboarders For this holiday 2023


Since the epidemic, skiing and snowboarding have become incredibly popular. Another huge winter is anticipated following last year’s record-breaking snowfall and a slew of resort developments this season (read my story on all the new terrain and lifts here). Therefore, if you know someone who enjoys skiing or snowboarding, this topic makes for excellent Christmas … Read more

12 Snorkeling Mistakes, Problems And How To Avoid/Solve Them

Snorkeling Mistakes

Snorkeling is a fun and safe hobby, but it can also pose risks to marine life. Common snorkeling errors include mask fogging, mask strap malfunctions, and issues with clearing water from the mask. To avoid these problems, it is essential to have high-quality snorkeling gear, clean it regularly, and carry your equipment. Problems with clearing … Read more

Snorkeling For Non-Swimmers Common Mistakes to avoid as a Beginner 2023


Is snorkeling safe for non-swimmers? Snorkeling is regarded as a simple, enjoyable sport that may be done without specialized knowledge or certification. To prevent getting into harmful circumstances, there are a few minimal needs that everyone should be aware of, and being able to swim is one of the most crucial. This post covers the … Read more

14 Best diving destinations in Europe (2023 winter review)

body of water surrounded by three trees

For those who enjoy diving, Europe is an ideal location as well as a great place for city vacations. Prepare your diving suits, masks, and fins, then enjoy a fantastic dive in Europe’s crystal-clear, blue seas. We have picked some of the best diving spots in Europe for you, from England to Spain to Croatia. … Read more

3 Best dive insurance company Tested and Trusted (2023 update)

Dive insurance

Although diving accidents are uncommon, you need dive insurance in case one occurs to cover costs and recovery time. Scuba diving mishaps are not covered by most health insurance policies, thus it’s critical to have supplemental insurance. Below, we’ve analyzed the e top three global alternatives to help you choose the best policy. Best Dive … Read more