Best Skydiving Shoe 2023 – The Selectors Choice

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Choosing the ideal shoes for skydiving is about more than simply style. It’s a sensible decision that may affect how you land and how you feel during freefall.

We’ve put together a list of our best recommendations for skydiving shoes, so check it out if you’re searching for the ideal pair of shoes for your first jump or if you’re an expert seeking to check out some new gear. 


We don’t have skydiving shoe policies in place simply to make you look bad. For your protection and the safety of others, the regulations regarding appropriate footwear are respected.

The basic guidelines for skydiving shoes are as follows. To avoid breaking your toes or snagging a toenail, you must wear closed-toe shoes.

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Shoes should always be fastened firmly since a shoe that comes loose and falls to the ground might inflict severe injuries to onlookers or perhaps an unfortunate pedestrian. Finally, hook-equipped shoes are not allowed since they might grab clothing or scratch the instructor’s legs.


It is rather obvious what NOT to wear skydiving if you understand why you shouldn’t wear certain things. Let’s start by discussing the 120 mph wind you’ll experience when falling free. When skydiving, are slip-on shoes permitted? No, Shoes that slide on will simply slide off. This implies that not only will you lose your shoes and put your priceless piggies in jeopardy,

However, it also implies that someone on the ground may be in danger from an item traveling quickly!

Let’s talk about those jabby, snaggy shoes you may not have even realized you had! Important skydiving equipment might get snagged by strappy shoes or shoes with openings. This also applies to shoes with laces that loop onto them. Shoes with spikes or points may easily turn into a weapon against you, your tandem instructor, or anybody else you’re flying through the skies with.

Let’s examine the landing last. For optimal mobility upon landing, you should choose shoes with flat soles that tightly fit around your foot. No big, bulky shoes, heels, or boots.

Cleats are unacceptable for any reason!


Sandals / flip flops

Slip-on shoes

Strappy shoes

Shoes with openings

High heels/wedges




In general, it is not a good idea to skydive barefoot and is typically prohibited unless you are in a coastal area with soft, pillowy beach landings. Why you choose to wear shoes The need to protect your feet when skydiving is similar to the rationale behind wearing shoes when strolling down the street or when stomping through the forest. When it comes to skydiving, landing zones may have uneven terrain or conceal pebbles and twigs. We require visitors to wear shoes while skydiving to prevent foot injuries.


Choosing the best skydiving shoes doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Generally speaking, sporty or comfy sneakers are the ideal footwear for skydiving. More specifically, a decent pair of skydiving shoes has to include a few essential components to perform exceptionally well.



The finest skydiving shoes should have plenty of arch and ankle support. The perfect skydiving shoe should be able to offer adequate support for a brief jog, as there are situations when you might need to sprint over the tarmac or land quickly.


Skydiving is an athletic activity. Your shoes would be better off inside a glass case than on a skydive if they are going to break apart after only one use. This is particularly valid if you intend to jump more than once. A good pair of skydiving shoes should be good for at least a season.


Hey, you look good, you fly good, as the expression goes! This may sound a little silly, but we’ve found that wearing shoes that make you feel good about yourself can have a favorable psychological impact. A stylish pair of shoes can also make a big impression in your skydiving pictures!

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Are you still in need of some guidance on selecting the ideal shoes for skydiving? These skydiving stunts are the ones that rank highest on our list.



Skydiving shoe
White Canvas for skydiving

Skateboarders are familiar with Vans because they are strong, lightweight sneakers. These somewhat supportive skydiving shoes are technically robust, and their flat sole makes them ideal for sliding during landings (imagine the dance scene from Risky Business). These very adjustable sneakers come in a multitude of color combinations and are available in both low-slung and high-top varieties.


grey sneakers with dense surface of texture for comfortable everyday wearing
Photo by Ray Piedra on

The Five Ten shoe is quickly gaining popularity among skydivers. These shoes are made for long-lasting comfort and durability. They were initially intended for mountain biking and have a shock-absorbing midsole.

A few multi-sport skydivers quickly realized that the Five Ten also made fantastic skydiving shoes!


colorful fashioned pair of sports shoes
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With its winged goddess of triumph inspiration, Nike High-Tops is a metaphorical match made in heaven for skydiving shoes. These skydiving shoes are the ideal combination of style and comfort. In addition to having a timeless appearance, high-top shoes provide additional ankle support. Additionally, some versions include pleasantly soft foam all over the midsole for an even more sun-kissed walking experience.


You don’t need to buy new shoes to improve your outfit to do a jump. (Unless, of course, you’re searching for the ideal justification to visit the mall; in that case, by all means!) To be honest, most people already own a reliable pair of well-worn sneakers that would be perfect for skydiving. You are set to go as long as the shoes fit comfortably and can be fastened securely.

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