Best Winter Ski Gifts For Skiers And Snowboarders For this holiday 2023

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Since the epidemic, skiing and snowboarding have become incredibly popular. Another huge winter is anticipated following last year’s record-breaking snowfall and a slew of resort developments this season (read my story on all the new terrain and lifts here). Therefore, if you know someone who enjoys skiing or snowboarding, this topic makes for excellent Christmas gift ideas. Every item on this list has been carefully chosen and personally inspected to ensure that it is of the highest caliber.

Heat Everything

Even ardent skiers have their moments of griping, and nothing pisses off skiers and snowboarders more than the cold. Ultimately, there’s a rationale behind the term “winter sport.”

Thus, your Christmas buying is simple and done if you know someone who gets chilly toes, fingers, or anything else. Ewool, a well-established Canadian pioneer in heated garment technology, is now available in the US. While heated ski gloves are produced by several excellent outdoor gear companies, heated socks are far less popular and are often quite pricey.

Rather than producing heated ski gloves, Ewool takes a different approach by producing heated glove liners. The same is true for socks and even jackets. With this far more adaptable method, you can make any pair of gloves heated, any pair of ski boots heated, and the vest keeps your core toasty both on and off the slopes.

All of these items are excellent for ice fishing, football games, and a variety of other activities in addition to skiing.

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The batteries are incredibly powerful by industry standards, the technology is incredibly reliable, the charging process is quick and uncomplicated, and the controls are user-friendly in the field. They feature three comfort settings, provide three hours of heat on a single charge—quite lengthy for heated clothing—and machine washable gloves and liners, which is a major benefit for sporting goods. Each finger in the gloves has its heating element; some versions only heat the palm. The gloves are touchscreen compatible, allowing you to continue using your phone.

With a comfortable open-heel design, a second battery pocket that allows you to run for up to 16 hours, and an easy fit in your boots, the sock covers put on over ski socks. These are among the greatest new winter gift items, and purchases over $99 ship for free. The prices of the gloves ($339), sock coverings ($359), and vests ($359) are also lower than those of several superior rivals.

The Ideal Goggles for Every Situation

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Although interchangeable lens goggles have grown more commonplace in recent years, carrying an additional set of lenses is still a hassle since they are prone to damage and scratches, remove your goggles and gloves and change the lenses whenever the light changes—and it can change repeatedly. I own over a dozen pairs of goggles, and in the last few seasons, I have become a big fan of photochromatic lenses—those that automatically lighten or darken according to the lighting.

Photochromatic technology has advanced steadily, much like all other technologies, and Julbo, a reputable European optical producer, has long held the top spot in this domain. These days, their Reactiv lenses can cover an amazingly wide range of lighting situations, from the intense bluebird daylight to the problematic flat end-of-the-day light that hides dangers in the snow.

A single pair of goggles for any situation, consistently excellent performance without exertion, constructed from high-quality materials, available in multiple sizes to fit a variety of faces and helmets. I suggest going with a frameless model that gives you the widest possible field of view, such as the Lightyear or Razor Edge, which also has a ventilation system to keep fogging away.

Dahu Ski Boots for Skiers

For the majority of skiers, the ideal boot is the one that fits them the best; there is no greatest brand. However, a vociferous minority within the ski community simply cannot find any boots that fit them comfortably; as a result, these people endure winter after winter to continue enjoying their beloved sport.

However, they might not have to, and if you know anyone who is having problems with fit and comfort in their boots, they should give Dahu a try. Dahu is a niche company that creates a boot style that is very distinct from the competition and has gained a cult following. Their unique detachable shell design is used on just two of their basic models, one for men and one for women. Each is available for $889–$989 and comes in three stiffness and fit varieties intended for intermediate, advanced, and casual skiers, respectively. “There are a lot of people out there who will fall head over heels in love with them,” Gear Junkie noted in its lengthy review.

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Known for being incredibly toasty and comfy, Dahu was introduced in Switzerland around fifteen years ago to revolutionize the ski boot market. The two-part system consists of a warm inner boot lining that fits into a separate three-piece hard shell. This inner boot lining may be worn alone, even for walking to the lifts, which is a great bonus when you’re not staying slopeside. Additionally, the lining may be heat-molded specifically to fit your feet. The walking aspect of the boot is unmatched when it’s disassembled; once assembled, it’s quite comfortable and has sufficient ski capability to tackle nearly any resort skiing. When the day is over, you may remove the shells and go straight into après.

The most skilled, high-performance skiers are the ones who wouldn’t be interested in the boots, but you wouldn’t think of giving them to them in the first place. The boots are ideal for all green, blue, and black terrain.

Ideal Après Wear

The majority of recreational skiers hit the slopes for three to six hours per day. This implies that the majority of your ski holiday is spent on non-ski activities like dining, shopping, and, of course, enjoying après ski happy hour. The greatest après ski attire has a specific combination of coziness, toughness, warmth, and outdoor appeal, and this magnificent overshirt from Tecovas is a perfect illustration of that.

Although the brand is well renowned for being the industry leader in high-end direct-to-consumer western and cowboy boots—which make excellent gifts—this unique statement item is sure to draw attention in any mountain town. The striking Tecovas Goat Suede Après Shirt ($450) comes in two eye-popping hues and features brass snaps in a Western manner.

Ski Town Footwear:

Since you spend so much of your time without wearing ski boots, you need proper winter footwear for any ski vacation, for the same reasons as stated in the item above. It’s winter, and there’s usually snow or slush, so you need something warm, safe, waterproof, traction-enhancing, and preferably stylish.

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I wear Salomon Outblast Boots for ski excursions, après ski, and winter hiking. Salomon is a French company that has been a leader in the ski equipment and athletic footwear industries for a long time. They make the most popular trail running and winter trail shoes available. You stay warm because of the Thinsulate insulation and the winter insole placed between you and the snow. They are made of the business’s exclusive ClimaSalomon waterproof fabric, and their powerful Contragip outsole provides the best possible traction in muddy, snow-covered, or wet conditions. These functional and stylish pieces, available in two colors, are ideal for winter use in ski towns or cities ($145).

Smith MIPS Method Helmet

The best ski helmet manufacturer is Smith, and their MIPS Method helmet is something that everyone should get. MIPS is a third-party-licensed technology that enhances head protection. MIPS is available from many other manufacturers, but after experimenting with a few others, I returned to Smith. The company’s most recent flagship product, the Method MIPS helmet, also has Koroyd impact technology to crumple, absorb, and protect. The unisex freeride style helmet is low profile, stylish, and equipped with every performance and protection feature you could want.

These consist of eight permanent vents for steady airflow, a ventilation system that works with goggles to keep lenses fog-free, and detachable ear cushions for comfort that fits your form. The Round Contour Fit option on the Method allows for rounder head shapes, and it has Smith’s self-adjusting Lifestyle Fit System, which bends to match the contour of the head for optimal comfort. It costs $140 and is available in nine colors and designs. It is compatible with AleckTM audio systems, which are offered separately.

Have Skis Will Travel

This is the ideal present for anyone you know who travels with their skis, which is something that most avid skiers do. Cheap and flimsy ski backpacks are well-known for their inability to preserve expensive equipment and for frequently breaking down over time. When it comes to luggage boxes, bike carriers, kayak carriers, ski carriers, and sports racks for cars, Thule has long been the industry leader.

However, they made the incredible discovery of baggage a few years ago. According to Travel + Leisure magazine, the Thule Roundtrip Ski Bag is the best ski bag available for 2023. It features an S-shaped zipper opening for easy access, an internal gear pocket with zippers, a padded divider, multiple grab handles, and high-quality wheels that make rolling it simple. The bag can accommodate two pairs of skis. There are many years ahead of this bag. [$299].

Don’t Leave Home Without It

Backcountry and off-limits skiing and snowboarding activities, such as ski touring using alpine touring equipment or split boards and skins, have witnessed a sharp rise in popularity in recent years. This has risen significantly even at “regular” ski resorts, as several have opened gates into ungroomed “side country” wilderness, taking a cue from Jackson Hole. Additionally, there are cat-skiing and heli-skiing operations worldwide. It is imperative to carry avalanche protection for all of these variants on classic lift-served resort skiing, which should include an avalanche locator beacon transceiver, shovel, and probe at the very least.

These items are necessities, much like a seatbelt in an automobile; they are not optional. These are essentials for anyone you know who intends to ski in the woods at home or outside of the resort’s bounds. As a pioneer in snow safety equipment, Backcountry Access (BCA) offers a turnkey 2024 Backcountry Access Tracker 4 Avalanche Rescue Package that includes all these essential components in one convenient package (Tracker 4 beacon with harness, folding shovel, foldable probe). Give the gift of safety this winter. ($460).


The Vermont-based company Skida was founded by a college ski racer and has since grown to become one of the most well-known names in outdoor gear. It is best known for its highly functional, fashionable, and instantly identifiable beanie hats, which are ideal for après ski, ski town wear, and all outdoor activities such as Nordic skiing, winter hiking, and bonfires. The newest product from Skida is the “dressier” Chateau Collection, which has the same fit as the company’s iconic Alpine Hat but is composed of a warmer quilted Polartec Jersey and has a detachable faux-fur pompom. Five color options, made in the USA ($44). PS: Skida also makes pretty awesome dog bandanas for the winter!

Remain Warm, Dry, and Sustainable

The most recognizable ski jacket just got better. For many years, Norway’s Helly Hansen has been a leader in the development of outdoor clothing, safeguarding skiers, sailors, and explorers. They introduced several standard technologies and created the now-ubiquitous wicking base layer and layering system. I own top-notch outdoor and winter gear from nearly all major manufacturers; I have a personal outdoor apparel collection, and Helly Hansen is my first pick for ski gear.

Their best-selling jacket, the Alpha 4.0, has undergone an improvement to become more environmentally friendly and sustainable. It is now composed of plastic that is bound by the ocean. The Alpha is made of Helly Tech Professional fabric and has 2-layer construction, high-end Black Eco insulation from PrimaLoft, and is windproof, waterproof, and warm—but not overly warm.

The company’s patented H2Flow system with adjustable zipper venting is one of the greatest features of Helly Hansen jackets, and the Alpha model includes it. Maximum mobility is provided by the jacket’s articulated and sharpened fit. The company’s renowned smartphone Life Pocket, which NASA uses to keep devices warm in space, is also included.

Essentially, it prolongs the life of your phone’s battery under cold temperatures, which is something that many skiers overlook until their phone dies. With its detachable, helmet-compatible hood, stretch snow skirt, ski pass pocket, wrist gaiters with thumb holes, and seven color options, this is pretty much the ideal ski jacket at a very affordable price. The Alphelia ($475) is an excellent option for women.


While technology is amazing, merino wool, created millennia ago by Mother Nature, is the perfect fabric for outdoor sports. In contrast to almost every copycat, it doesn’t smell after wearing, wicks, and is warmer by weight than synthetics. It’s completely sustainable and quite durable as well.

Although merino wool has made a huge comeback as the preferred premium material for outdoor apparel, its greatest application is as a base layer next to your skin, when all of its wonderful qualities come to fruition. Icebreaker, a company based in New Zealand, has long been considered a luxury brand in the outdoor gear industry. Their products are so well-made that I still use several that I bought on my first ski trip to New Zealand two decades ago. Thankfully, base layers from Icebreaker are simple, must-have gifts for any skier or snowboarder—male or female, casual or serious—and are now readily accessible in the United States.

They provide six distinct weights in addition to an extensive assortment of long and short-sleeved shirts, long underwear, and other items. A long-sleeved tee shirt with a half-zipper collar, for instance, starts at about $100. Nobody who is involved can not be in love with this content.

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