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The world is your oyster if you are one of the fortunate boaters or sailors who gets to live on their vessel. These days, hardly many individuals can afford to live aboard their yachts. It might be difficult to live and work full-time from a marina, either because of expense or because of professional obligations.

You’re in luck if you can maintain your equilibrium on the water and possess the financial means and maritime knowledge needed to live aboard a yacht. The only question that remains is: Where would you like to live? Somewhere with a good standard of life, safety, and sunshine.

In California, a growing number of sunseekers and Mariners are opting to live on boats. California might be the right place for you too, with its fantastic weather, excellent marinas, and active yet relaxed lifestyle. These marinas are among the best in California.

Why Would You Want To Live Aboard Your Boat In California?

California is among the best US states to live in. Numerous variables are to blame for this. Certainly, if you plan to live aboard your boat, having good weather is essential. When you live on a boat, a large portion of your living space is occupied by the areas above deck.

Furthermore, you lose half of your house if constant rainfall forces you to reside below deck. There is no issue in California with this. The state of California is highly liberal.

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The population is youthful and varied, marijuana is legal, and business is thriving. It’s up for debate whether or not any of these things may be deemed good or terrible. There are some amazing sporting options in California as well. Particularly in terms of water activities, riding, and hiking.

The Best Liveaboard Marinas In California

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The state of California is large. With a really lengthy shoreline. This indicates that the state is home to a large number of marinas. Determining which is ideal for you might be difficult. Choosing the marina itself is the next step if you have found what you are searching for in a marina using the list of criteria above.

This list of marinas covers the top three cities for boating in California. Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco:


  • California Yacht Marina
  • Marina Del Ray Marina
  • Marina Harbor Anchorage
  • Portofino Marina
  • Rainbow Harbor and Marina
  • Port Royal Marina
  • Cabrillo Way Marina


  • Safe Harbor Marina
  • Intrepid Landing
  • Sun Harbor Marina Point Loma
  • Shelter Island Marina
  • SeaWorld Marina
  • Marina Village
  • Marina Cortez
  • Point Loma Marina
  • Harbor Island West Marina


  • Ballena Isle Marina
  • Emery Cove Yacht Harbor
  • Marina Bay Yacht Harbor
  • South Beach Harbor Marina
  • Schoon Maker Point Marina
  • Treasure Island Yacht Harbor


California is fantastic, there’s a ton lot be done. That’s usually true for the majority of areas. Of sure, everything has a lot to offer. In California, though, it goes a step farther. In Los Angeles, this is much more apparent.

One benefit of living in an area with a strong youth culture is that there’s always something fresh to do. Tennis, rock climbing, gyms, swimming pools, hikes, pubs, restaurants, and athletic events are among the activities available.

Everything that your imagination can conjure. Not only is it healthy for you, but it’s also appropriate for your guests. California can be the ideal destination for you and your grandchildren if you’re Searching for anything amazing to do.

California is a fairly liberal state, particularly in places like Los Angeles. In the purest form possible. Its suitability for you mostly relies on your personality.

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One can categorize the weather as nice or poor. While some individuals enjoy the rain, others do not. Another way to think about temperature is as either good or terrible, based on your comfort level in that particular climate. Air conditioning is ubiquitous in California due to the state’s high temperatures.

Thus, it’s not that hard to get away from the heat. It would be wise to equip your yacht with a temperature control system. In the summer, a little USB fan might not be sufficient. However, swimming is usually a good method to cool off.

After determining whether California is the best state for you, think about the specific location you wish to call home. Living in San Francisco is not the same as staying at liveaboard marinas in San Diego. Not to mention the particular marinas, there are many factors to take into account while comparing cities.

A marina berth might need just as much commitment as an apartment rental. As a result, selecting the appropriate product is a crucial choice. Without a contract, you may rent by the week, of course, but the cost is higher and you forfeit your rental rights. Long-term contracts typically result in higher prices from marinas. Better for both is security.

How to Choose a Good Marina?

A decent marina could be the least expensive one for one person. It may be a marina with a variety of services for someone else. Next, you should decide if you would rather reside in a calmer city like San Diego or in Los Angeles.

Or perhaps your profession requires you to reside in a little more affluent place like San Francisco. The following are important factors to take into account while selecting your marina:


Another crucial factor is the marina’s location. The location may or may not be ideal for you depending on how close it is to the city center.

For instance, you’ll have to use Uber, taxis, or public transit to obtain your groceries if it’s too far from a mall or grocery store. Online food and boating gift purchasing is another option.

There are even some marinas that have a tiny food shop nearby. You must reside a respectable distance from your place of employment if you wish to work but not from your boat. Compared to San Diego, Los Angeles transit times might be significantly longer.


Facilities are crucial. More than most things, maybe. You have very little room if you plan to live aboard your yacht. For instance, you could have a washer and dryer if you live in an apartment.

A boat Is not the place for this. Unless you are a yacht owner, of course. You will need to carry your laundry across the town if your marina does not provide washers and dryers. This is going to be a nightmare if you don’t own a car.


Not every marina in California has water and electrical hookups. If you intend to stay there for several weeks or months, you will require both. You must ascertain the extra cost of water and electricity if they are not included by the lease.

Especially, the prices of electricity may mount up over the course of a year. When “using” all that free California sunshine, solar is an excellent substitute and may lead you toward energy independence.


Whether or whether you use the internet for business, you always need a steady connection. Without it, you may get disinterested. On a boat, there isn’t much to do. There’s not much space for movement or activities, you can’t store many items, such books to read, and your options are somewhat restricted.


What then are your options? Swimming, fishing, watching TV, or playing games. You may stay energized and enjoy your mornings and days more by drinking coffee. You’re not going to have cable, and you’ll be using WiFi a lot more than you already do. You cannot watch television series, films, or sports at all if you cannot view them online.

While some marinas permit wired installations, others provide WiFi. Use the hotspot on your phone if it’s not there. If so, what is the quality of your marina’s mobile service? You may find out in person or by visiting a Google search for “cellular coverage website that’s easy to find.”


Make sure their is the availability of health and fitness centres around your marine.

There aren’t as many trip possibilities, therefore you could not reach your starting fitness level. Make a note of the marina’s gym if one exists. A gym is essential to maintaining your health and fitness. You can experience issues if you don’t exercise. You will have to buy a membership somewhere if your marina does not offer a gym.

Your cost of living may rise dramatically as a result of this. Nevertheless, affordable, portable workout equipment has no bearing on the cost.

Convenience is also another crucial factor. If you have to drive to and from the gym, your bill can be substantially more. If not, you’ll need to work on it for a lot longer. There are only so many hours in a day, so going to the gym may take an hour if it’s on-site or three if you have to drive.


Securing a marina is essential. Boats have several poorly designed locks and are not inherently safe. Imagine that you and your boat are adrift at sea. That carries the death sentence. How safe is the marina, in your opinion? Are the barriers there towering? A lot of security cameras?

Your mental health is impacted by each of these factors. A powerful look also gives the marina a negative perception. Nobody will attempt to take your boat if it appears impossible. Keep in mind that everything you own is aboard your boat. You might not have many things to start with if you live on your boat (restricted room).


The price is crucial. Your budget is the primary determinant of cost: how much can you afford to pay each month for your dockside mooring? Your choices are significantly constrained if you have to adhere to a set budget. If you’re fortunate enough, you have a lot more alternatives when it comes to price.

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Location is nearly exclusively related to cost. Much more so than how your facilities relate to it. The best course of action is usually to find a port that has everything you need, and then to get employment. It’s far more doable if you can work from your yacht.

Not only do many marinas charge by the berth, but also by the size of the ship. In such a scenario, you should think about your boat’s size. You will have less room but may afford a better marina if your yacht is smaller. The compromise is a personal choice.


That’s it, dear! California’s top liveaboard marinas. Whether you want to live on a boat for a week or longer, the state has a lot of interesting areas to choose from.

Even though California is among the most costly states in the union, you get what you pay for. In addition to expansive, well-equipped marinas with decades of expertise, you will have access to first-rate dining, sports, world-class living, and a variety of recreational opportunities. Not to mention the sun in California!

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